BYOB (Bring Your Own Beer)

beer-is-all-a-man-needs.jpgIt’s something that’s fairly common at the nude clubs here in Las Vegas. Not actually legal within the Las Vegas city limits, but everyone seems to do it. Why? People want NUDE entertainment and drink at the same time. You walk into clubs like Deja Vu, Lil Darlings, Exotica, et al, and you’re almost guaranteed to see people walking in with a brown bag under their arms. Unfortunately, I’ve seen, firsthand, several busts by undercover Metro policemen within the last few months. 90% of the time, they just ticket the club and harass the dancers and other employees about Sheriff’s cards, but once in awhile, they do write tickets to belligerent patrons who can’t keep their cool.

Opponents of alcohol and nude clubs will tell you that guys will get out of control, and that alcohol and female genitalia just don’t mix. The Palomino, an all nude club which serves alcohol in North Las Vegas, just outside the city limits, seems to do just fine. I don’t see any more outbreaks of violence or catastrophic events happening just because they serve alcohol with their dancers. Now tell me what the huge difference in patron reactions at topless clubs where dancers wear g-strings thinner than my dental floss and at nude clubs where they flash just a bit more.

Another issue opponent will bring up is, “customers under the age of 21 will bring in alcohol and drink there“, to which I respond, how did they get the alcohol in the first place? Maybe the city should be cracking down on the liquor stores that are selling the minors the alcohol in the first place instead of harassing the clubs. Progressive states in the strip club industry like Hawaii and Florida all have nude clubs WITH alcohol. Why can’t Las Vegas, or for that matter, Nevada?

I think the city needs to either allow nude clubs to carry alcohol permits, allow current topless/alcohol clubs to go nude, or leave the nude clubs alone with a BYOB policy. If they’re really that concerned with underage drinking, create a policy which will make the clubs card the patrons bringing in alcohol, but don’t take my right away to enjoy fully nude women and my favorite alcoholic beverage at the same time.

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    [...] Well, it seems that lately, one of the main topics of discussion is back to that subject I wrote about over a year ago: BYOB. Why is it such a hot topic? Well, because several clubs: Lil’ Darlings, Club Exotica, Talk of The Town along with two other clubs have all gotten fined $50,000 each for license violations because of BYOB. [...]

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