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Strip Club Review Blog

Woman Related to Minxx Shooting Found Dead

June 21st, 2008

Remember the Minxx shooting back in 2007, yea the one from All-star weekend. Well, news this morning announce that a woman which was involved in the incident was found dead.

Sadia Morrison and Adam “Pacman” Jones in Las Vegas court

Sadia Morrison was found dead on Friday, June 13th in the Bronx and her family seems to think that she was thrown off an apartment building.

According to metro Morrison got into a fight with strippers inside Minxx which eventually led to the shooting. She pleaded no contest and was sentenced to probation.

Police seems to think that her death is unrelated to the Minxx shooting or sentencing.

[Image via LVRJ]

Las Vegas Seamless Commercial [Vid]

June 19th, 2008

It is not everyday that you see a commercial for a strip club in Las Vegas but this nicely done piece made for Seamless club in Las Vegas really makes one wants to go there…

Seamless Las Vegas Commercial Highlights:
Seamless - The Sexier Side of Nightlife
After Hours Nightly
Next to the Orleans Casino
Complementary Limo Service
Bottle Service Available

Crazy Horse Too Denied Temporary Liquor License

June 18th, 2008

Today’s City Council meeting in Las Vegas had a request to grant a temporary liquor license for the Crazy Horse Too on the agenda.

The request was submitted by two prospect buyers but was declined by the council and mayor Oscar Goodman who wore a Cincinnati Cyclones jersey after losing a bet he made with Cincinnati’s mayor.

Mayor Goodman during the meeting.

[Image via Fox5 News]

Rick’s Cabaret Acquires Scores-Las Vegas

June 13th, 2008

scores las vegas logoRick’s Cabaret is completing its acquisition of Scores-Las Vegas these days.

The deal, initially announced in April is being delayed due to issues with permit transfers but is expected to complete soon.

How much?

Under terms of the agreement Rick’s Cabaret will purchase Scores-Las Vegas from DI Food & Beverage of Las Vegas, LLC for $16 million in cash and a $5 million convertible debenture bearing 4 percent interest. As part of the acquisition Rick’s Cabaret also acquires an option to buy the property on which the club is located, just off the Las Vegas Strip.

We do not foresee upcoming changes in the club nor in his name. Scores is a major player in the Las Vegas adult club scene and this is more than anything their attempt to penetrate the Las Vegas market.

Man Opens Fire in Penthouse Las Vegas After Being Kicked Out

June 6th, 2008

A man opened fire earlier today at the Penthouse Gentlemen’s Club in Las Vegas after bouncers tried to kick him out for his inappropriate behavior.

According to sources in the club the man wanted to take home one of the dancers following a 45 minuted-long lap dance and when he was told that he couldn’t do so he got a bit ‘too aggressive.’

“He wanted to take me home,” said the dancer to a local TV crew. “He wanted me to be with him and I was like — this is crazy. I’m just an entertainer. I only work here. It was crazy,” she added.

That’s when she says the bouncers stepped in.

“I went to go check out and the bouncers had the guy on the floor. He was trying to come after me,” she said.

The next thing you know “there was a total of like 7, 8, 9 shots, and I ran to the back and tried to get as many walls in between me and the gunshots as possible.”

“It was like a dream and everything is going really fast but it feels like you are going in slow motion. I was crawling to the dressing room as fast as I could,” said the entertainer. Luckily no one was hurt and the man took off.

Following a pursuit and a long standoff with a SWAT team the man got shot and killed not before he shot a policeman in the leg.

Strip Club Review is Back!

October 3rd, 2006

A few years back, between the years 1997 and 2000, this site was THE site for information about Las Vegas Strip Clubs. It included reviewes, pictures, and all the latest information about the strip club industry in Las Vegas. Due to some unfortunate events the owner of the site could not update the site anymore and it’s been in that shape for the past 6 years.

I recently ran into the site and offered the owner to take over the management of the site and update it with some newer information and frequent updates.

Well, here I am, and here is the site. All updates will be posted on this blog, so stay tuned, bookmark or grab the feed and stay tuned for exciting news and updates.

All these new clubs?

February 5th, 1999

This isn’t as much as me on my soapbox, but more of a state of the city in regards to strip clubs as I see things lately. What’s going on with all these clubs? As you all know from the news and gossip of the last few months, there has been quite a bit of activity in Las Vegas in regards to new clubs opening up. And if you think the amount of clubs that have already opened is a lot, be prepared, there’s more coming your way real soon.

Now why is that? Is it the lure of big money in Las Vegas? Is it mostly out of town club owners? For example, the new club Striptease is owned by the owners of several Los Angeles based clubs. The ex-owner of Forbidden Club owned several clubs in Los Angeles as well, and even after the Club Exotica bust and fines, he plans on opening up yet another club. Another Los Angeles based chain, Spearmint Rhino, has had a club open for quite a while, but isn’t doing too great. But mostly out of town? Nah… Oodles of other clubs which have opened are locally owned as well.

However, when you look at the bigger picture, which new clubs having less problems opening, and which ones are having one heck of a time? Well, one thing is for sure, the clubs which are locally owned seem to fare better than the out of towner owned clubs with the city council. Is there local favoritism by the city council? We can’t prove anything, but how else would you explain the fact that several other clubs, like Play It Again Sams and Girls, Girls, Girls, both owned by locals who have been in Las Vegas for many years, have opened with alcohol licenses while the Spearmint Rhino, which has been open almost a year now, is still waiting on a pending license?

Obviously, these points I’m talking about deal with topless/alcohol clubs, and nude clubs seem to just pop up everywhere, owned by locals and out of state owners alike.I won’t get much more into local politics, but if you’re a club owner and you want to open something in Las Vegas, you’d better live here for a couple of years before dumping hundreds of thousands if not millions into a strip club.

All I can say is this, even though the population of Las Vegas is around one and half million at this point, there’s already over 25 strip clubs. At this rate, there’ll be at least 3 to 5 new clubs opened by the end of 1999, and by the looks of it, it’ll be a mixture of nude and topless clubs. But one thing is for sure; we’re going to have one heck of a time enjoying ourselves silly watching all the topless and naked women!

Who controls the laws?

May 4th, 1998

Well, it seems that lately, one of the main topics of discussion is back to that subject I wrote about over a year ago: BYOB. Why is it such a hot topic? Well, because several clubs: Lil’ Darlings, Club Exotica, Talk of The Town along with two other clubs have all gotten fined $50,000 each for license violations because of BYOB.

Why such a stiff penalty, and why aren’t other nude clubs getting fined for the same thing? Well, simple. Some clubs are located in the city of Las Vegas, while others are located on unincorporated land in Clark County. The two fall under different jurisdictions and have different sets of rules.

Under title 6.35.100 of the Las Vegas city code, nude clubs are not allowed to sell or allow alcohol on the premises. Even though the city has been fairly relaxed in enforcement in the past, the last few months has seen a steady increase in pressure for the nude clubs to actually obey the laws. Gone are the days of bringing in a 12 pack of beer in a brown bag.

Now why are they choosing to enforce the laws now? Well, Las Vegas is broken up into 4 wards which all have a council member representing it, who ultimately reports to the mayor. This, of course, is for incorporated Las Vegas, also referred to as ‘city’. In politics, there is always an agenda to every action. All we can assume is that someone else is most likely benefitting from the selective enforcement of the law in these clubs. Could it be the alcohol clubs? Maybe. Could it be a new moral contingent trying to make Las Vegas into Park Disney? Maybe. But the fact remains; enforcement against the strip clubs within the city limits are indeed getting tougher.

For areas which fall outside of the city parameters, which can actually be certain areas of land actually running inside the cities, it is also known as unincorporated land or ‘county’. At this point, the county has not been very tough on the nude clubs, however, as the political and social climate changes in the town we know as Las Vegas, you can be sure that enforcement can happen at any time.

Wanna buy a strip club anyone?

November 4th, 1997

strip-club-4-sale.jpgEven though strip clubs go up for sale every once in awhile and the amount of money that is asked for them is usually pretty high, some clubs have gone up for sale with rumored amounts that are stratospheric. For example, Club Paradise is supposedly going for $7 million dollars, Olympic Garden for $12 million, and The Palomino for $15 million. Of course these figures are all heresay and passed along like yesterday’s Enquirer, but hey, usually there is some truth to these things.

Obviously, the clubs would not confirm or deny the prices or even that the clubs were up for sale, but come on? Do they think we were born yesterday? Even if those were just asking prices, some bargaining would still put the price range well above Michael Jordan’s daily salary. Now let’s break things down and see what is actually for sale and whether it’s worth the inheritance your aunt left you. What would you actually be buying?

Well, first of all, the three clubs up for sale are all clubs with alcohol licenses. Why is that important? I’ll tell you. Because the city of Las Vegas is no longer issuing alcohol licenses for adult entertainment clubs. That changes how you look at things pretty quickly doesn’t it? Thus all the new clubs opening nowadays are all nude with no alcohol. Even though nude clubs make their fair share, it’s obvious the majority of the these other clubs profit comes from bar sales. What goes better with a pair of titties than a cold beer?

Secondly, there’s the land. Even though land in Las Vegas is still inexpensive compared to some parts of the US, land by or near the strip is and will continue to be at a premium. Olympic Garden seems to have the upper hand here as they are on the strip. Club Paradise is just a block off the strip, however, rumor has it they don’t own the land. What good is that? Now as far as Palomino is concerned, they are on Las Vegas Blvd, but they’re located past downtown.

Past downtown? And $15 million dollars? Now you’re probably wondering why The Palomino is the most expensive although it’s the farthest club out. Well, simple. It’s the ONLY nude club that also has an alcohol license in Las Vegas. Unique and completely under developed, the place is literally a goldmine for anyone who wants to take the time to market and develop the club.

Now how much do these clubs actually make and what’s the return on investment? Well, let’s just say that a decent nude club without alcohol sales will take in probably over a million dollars a year. Clubs with bar sales will probably at least double that. But $7, $12, or $15 million? When would a club payoff on amounts like that? Well, you have to consider that the clubs that are up for sale are all incredible facilities. They can probably make two or three times the amount any other alcohol club can make across the country. But that would still slate the return on investment to be somewhere after 4 or 5 years.

Still worth it? Look at it this way. Las Vegas has already surpassed the population mark of over a million. It is growing by leaps and bounds. It is also the major convention center and the gambling draws visitors from all over the world. Without any new alcohol licenses issued, the current clubs value continue to rise. A small investment of $7, 12, or 15 million now may seem cheap in 5 or 10 years.

V.I.P. LAPS - Is there a differnce?

August 7th, 1997

lap-dance-las-vegas.jpg“Come in the back with me and I’ll show you something special” … a common phrase heard in the darkness of some of the clubs. The question is, are these VIP rooms worth your money? Before we answer that question, let’s look at the reasons why people go into VIP rooms. One, there’s more privacy. Two, the customer thinks he can get a nastier dance. Between the two, which one would you put your money on in a bet? I’d throw lock, stock and barrel into the latter. Granted, privacy is a side issue, but what most customers who are willing to spend the type of money for VIP laps are looking for nastiness. Plain and simple. Anyone who claims otherwise is fooling themselves. So now that we’ve agreed on why people like going into VIP rooms, let’s look at the various ones available here in the Las Vegas scene.

For the topless clubs, Olympic Garden, Crazy Horse Too, Club Paradise, and Cheetahs all have VIP rooms. However, they vary greatly. Olympic Garden charges $100 for an open bar tab to enter and then it’s $100 for 3 songs with the lady of your choice. Do the gals get nastier? They sure do. But if I were you, I’d try them out on the main floor first. That’s actually good advice for any of the clubs. Next, you have the Emperor’s Room at Crazy Horse Too. The only cost here is $100 for 3 laps. Look at what you can get in the main room. It only escalates in the VIP. At Club Paradise, there’s the Cristal Room. Buy a bottle of champagne ranging from $80 to $495 to get in, then the dances are the same price as the main floor. Unfortunately, the dances aren’t much different. At Cheetahs, the dances in the VIP room are no different in price than the dances on the couches out on the main floor, and unfortunately, in general, there’s not much difference in nastiness either.

At the nude clubs, Tally-Ho, Lil’ Darlings, and Club Exotica have VIP sections. Tally-Ho charges $170 for a half hour, and in the past, they were the best dances in town. However, with recent Metro sweeps, the $20 laps in the main room are almost as good. Lil’ Darlings has a VIP room in the back, but the dances are probably tamer than the dances up in the front booths or the theme rooms. Cameras are all over the place, so VIP just means more privacy to other customers, not the management. At Club Exotica, the VIP room is in full view of the other customers. Again, I don’t see the point.

In most other cities, it’s the clubs without alcohol which normally get nasty. Fortunately for visitors and even the local folk, it’s the other way around here in Las Vegas. If nasty is what you’re looking for, and you have the money to spend, the VIP rooms may be the way to go. Otherwise, stick to what’s available on the main floor. You’ll probably enjoy yourself just as much anyway.